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Geoff Piller's love for music goes back to his days  as a kid in the nineties growing up in the Midwest. With Chicago as his playground, he became emersed in the house and electronic scene taking off at the time. From the Midwest he traveled south, where he called Atlanta home. There he continued to DJ and began to study recording and mixing. Years later he would move to Murfreesboro TN where he received a Bachelors in Audio Engineering from MTSU.


In 2007 he began working and assisting in Franklin, TN at Darkhorse Recording.  There he worked with many artist including Murder by Death with producer Trina Shoemaker.   In 2008 he started an ongoing working relationship with mixing engineer Craig Alvin in Nashville, TN. Together they worked on projects with Hanson, Erin McCarly, Natalie Grant, and more. 


Geoff opened the doors of Electric Thunder Studios in 2010. With a place of his own, he created the opportunity to track and mix in a space that clients, both past and future, would be able to enjoy.

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